'59 16th Company

USNA Class of 1959 Classmates 16th Company
sorted by living Grad; deceased Grad; assumed living Non-Grad; known deceased Non-Grad
Company Rep: Bob ARMOUR   Alternate Rep: Robert Baker
First MI (nick) LAST
After Reunion (10/2018)
Spouse (SO)  Widower 
Widow  Both Deceased
City & State
Last Known Residence
Living or DOD
Robert  C. (Bob)  ARMOUR  Petra Virginia Beach, VA Living
Robert  E. (Bob)  BAKER  Sandra (Sandy) (deceased)Woodbridge, VALiving
William  C. (Bill)  BOISSENIN  Illona Annandale, VA Living
David  E. (Dave)  BOTTORFF  Marjorie (Margie) (deceased)Virginia Beach, VALiving
Paul  T.  CONVERSE  Corynn Wellington, NV Living
Michael  B. (Mike)  COOPER  Caroline Douglas Lake Forest, IL Living
Patrick  T. (Pat)  GREEN  Durelle(?) Augusta, GA Living
Hardy   GREGORY  Toni Vienna, GA Living
Raymond  I. (Ray)  HOWELL  Laurie Brooklyn, NY Living
Jon  G. (Gordy)  JAMES  Linda Williamsburg, VA Living
William  H. (Bill)  KELLY  Nancy Santa Barbara, CA Living
Donald  G. (Don)  KLEIN  Donna (deceased)Huntington Beach, CALiving
Timothy  H. (Tim)  MARVIN  Anne Hope Kure Beach, NC Living
Frederick  H. (Fred)  MENNING  Helena Pleasant View, UT Living
James  H. (Jim)  MINTUN  Sue Orchard Park, NY Living
Robert  A. (Bob)  OLIVERI  Medaris Annapolis, MD Living
Edward  G. (Ed)  REDDEN  Anne Amelia Island, FL Living
Robert  A. (Bob)  RIDDELL  Evelyn Springfield, SC Living
Gerard  F. (Jerry)  VARNI  Shirley Cape Canaveral, FL Living
Stanley  E. (Stan)  WAINWRIGHT   Charleston, SCLiving
Toby  G.  WARSON  Linda Camas, WA Living
Carl  E.  ANDERSON   2012-07-29
Ronald  E. (Bos)  BOSTICK   2004-01-03
Richard  B. (Dick)  DERICKSON  Jill , 1994-01-04
John  P. (J.P.)  JACKSON  San Diego, CA 2013-08-08
Raymond  A. (Ray)  KAMBEITZ   Jane Niantic, CT2020-07-28
John  J. (Jack)  KING   Mary Harris (Mimi) (deceased)Richmond, VA2020-08-26
Harold  M. (Doc)  LEE   1988-07-15
Kevin  M. (Kev)  MULKERN  Meg (nee) Hinchey San Diego, CA2015-11-26
Arnold  A. (Arnie)  RICCI  Stephanie Phoenix, AZ1995-08-06
Luther  W. (Bill)  SKELTON   1999-08-25
Robert  A. (Bob)  WILLIAMS  Janice Cook Walnut Creek, CA2009-12-08
John  W.  BUTLER ☆   Allen Park, MILiving
Robert  L.  HUDSON ☆  Susan , Living
John  M.  KELLY ☆   Norwood, MALiving
John  A.  LITTLE ☆   , Living
Charles  L.  LYNCH ★   Chesapeake, VALiving
Robert  L.  PETERSON ☆   Havre De Grace, MDLiving
James  O.  WINJUM ☆   , Living
William  L.  ATEN ☆  Jacqueline , 2009-10-15
James  J.  HOGAN ★   2009-07-20
Joseph  M.  WHINERY ☆  Barbara (deceased)Richmond, TX2018-07-22
16th Company Graduate Classmates Living:  21   Deceased:  11    Total Grads: 32    Percent Graduate Living: 66%   
16th Company All Classmates Living (Grad | non-grad):   (21  |  7)    Deceased (Grad | Non-grad):   (11   |  3)   
Totals (Living | Deceased | All Classmates for 16th Company ):   (28  |  14  |  42)
☆1959 Non-Graduate Classmate   ★1959 Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class  
★★★Non-Graduate separated prior to Company assignments   ★★Continue to research for exact Company   ★★☆Non-Graduate turned back or readmitted to subsequent class and Contine research for exact Company   ☆Unknown Company-unlikely to resolve.
Classmates living: 657 -- Deceased: 488 -- Total: 1145
(All graduates and non-graduates)

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