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Please submit any missing information on classmates or missing classmates. One form per classmate. This database now has 100% of all graduates and 100% of non-graduates. We have NO complete contact information for 9 graduates - classifed as assumed Living, but Lost and over 150 Non-grads, many of whom may be deceased.

The asterisk fields are required to be complete and this includes your name in the "submitted by" section. After completing the form, click the Submit button below to send to Pete Stout. Thanks!

MISSING Classmate - Minimal Required

MISSING Classmate - If you have any of this information... Great!

YOUR info - Submitted by:


Note that for 2 graduate deceased classmates and 2 non-graduates, we have unknown dates of deaths (reference) . PLEASE let us know if you have information on these classmates. THANKS!

For Non-Graduates who have no contact infomation either in the Company lists or the NG Bingo Board NG. Provide as much as possible of the above with the Classmate's last Company being critical.