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'59 Company Representatives

The following are the Company Representatives for the Class of 1959. The Class appreciates your time and effort in keeping in touch with your company mates and responding to all requests. Thank you!

USNA Class of 1959 Company Representatives
(last update: 8/20/2021)
Last Name
First Name
Nick and Last Name
1 Nield Van Van Nield
2 Beaton Robert Bob Beaton
3 Lockwood Wayne Wayne Lockwood
4 Snyder Stephen Steve Snyder
5 Art Raymond Ray Art
6 Flynn Joseph Joe Flynn
7 Chomicz Donald Don Chomicz
8 Lehmberg George George Lehmberg
9 Permenter Lawrence Larry Permenter
10 Stout Peter Pete Stout
11 Wynn Walter Walt Wynn
12 Poole James Jim Poole
13 Smith Donald Don Smith
14 Wheaton William Bill Wheaton
15 Ford Joseph Paddy Ford
16 Armour Robert Bob Armour
17 Tinsley James Tim Tinsley
18 Szczypinski Walter Walt Szczypinski
19 Batchelor Jon Jon Batchelor
20 Darby Robert Bob Darby
21 Smith Gary Gary Smith
22 Bednarek Norbert Norm Bednarek
23 Garverick Charles Mickey Garverick
24 Hill Edward Ed Hill

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