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'59 Deceased Spouses (some Obits)

The following represents the Class of 1959 all known deceased spouses. With approxiately 490 classmates deceased, the number of widows known deceased is thought to be low.  Any corrections or additions are welcome.
USNA Class of 1959 Deceased Spouses with or without Obits
last update: 2023-03-15  
Classmate First LAST
Deceased Spouse
First LAST
Spouse Obituary
Peter ABDALLALiving  10 Carolyn ABDALLA
William ASSELL2014-09-29  15 Marlene ASSELLMarlene's Obituary
Roger BACON2021-04-09  Joan BACONJoan's Obituary
Edward BAKER 2022-01-26  8  Michal BAKERMichal's Obituary
Edward BAKER2022-01-26  Stephanie BAKERStephanie's Obituary
Robert BAKERLiving  16 Sandra BAKERSandra's Obituary
Gary BARNUM2015-12-11  13 Marian BARNUM
Robert BEATONLiving  Linda BEATONLinda's Obituary
Thomas BILLINGSLiving  Shirley BILLINGSShirley's Obituary
Jacob BOLTZLiving  21 Geraldine BOLTZGeraldine's Obituary
David BOTTORFFLiving  16 MarjorieA BOTTORFFMarjorieA's Obituary
Daniel BRANCH 2013-10-21  2  Sheila BRANCHSheila's Obituary
John BRONS2015-06-15  21 Ruth BRONSRuth's Obituary
Dwight BROWN2019-12-18  Sara BROWNSara's Obituary
Theodore CALHOONLiving  Dana CALHOONDana's Obituary
Donald CAMPBELL2012-11-02  22 Patricia Ann CAMPBELLPatricia Ann's Obituary
Geoffrey CANTLiving  22 Catherine CANTCatherine's Obituary
Maurice CLARK1998-09-04  Elsie CLARK
Wilton CLEMENTSLiving  17 Ilse CLEMENTSIlse's Obituary
Patrick COMMONSLiving  15 Janice COMMONSJanice's Obituary
Donald COOPERLiving  21 Diane COOPERDiane's Obituary
Michael COOPERLiving  16  Judith COOPERJudith's Obituary
Thomas CROMPTONLiving  13 Patricia CROMPTONPatricia's Obituary
Richard CUDLIPPLiving  Myrna CUDLIPPMyrna's Obituary
Carl DANITSCHEK 2020-03-29  11  LaVonne DANITSCHEKLaVonne's Obituary
Hugh DAVIS2021-03-17  22 Joyce DAVISJoyce's Obituary
Clifford DEN-OTTER 2019-11-29  22  Barbara DEN-OTTERBarbara's Obituary
Clifford DEN-OTTER2019-11-29  22 Judith DEN-OTTERJudith's Obituary
David DOELGER 2019-12-19  8  Janet DOELGERJanet's Obituary
Francis DONOVAN2014-05-04  13 Martha DONOVANMartha's Obituary
Ronald DOYLELiving  14 Joan DOYLEJoan's Obituary
William DROTLEFFLiving  22 Patricia DROTLEFFPatricia's Obituary
Robert DROZDLiving  14 Margaret DROZDMargaret's Obituary
Donald DUNN 2020-04-21  1  Beverly Joan DUNNBeverly Joan's Obituary
John EKSTROM2015-07-25  Rosalie EKSTROMRosalie's Obituary
George ELLIOTT2014-10-17  13 Trennick Marvil ELLIOTTTrennick Marvil's Obituary
William ESHELMANLiving  14 Patricia ESHELMANPatricia's Obituary
William EVERETT2019-09-01  15 Margot EVERETTMargot's Obituary
Chauncey FAIRCHILD2016-02-17  Gertrude FAIRCHILDGertrude's Obituary
James FIENE2020-06-19  Roberta FIENERoberta's Obituary
Gary FINDLAYLiving  10  Jerry Bea FINDLAYJerry Bea's Obituary
Jerome FLAMMGERLiving  22 Treeby Ann Harper FLAMMGERTreeby Ann Harper's Obituary
Jack FLIKEIDLiving  17 Frances FLIKEIDFrances's Obituary
Bernard GEIGER2001-03-13  Judith GEIGERJudith's Obituary
Barry GORDONLiving  Louise GORDONLouise's Obituary
Hardy GREGORYLiving  16  Carolyn GREGORYCarolyn's Obituary
James HAFFEY2015-07-08  Irmalee HAFFEYIrmalee's Obituary
Griffin HAMILTON2020-12-09  12 Linda HAMILTONLinda's Obituary
Rudolph HAMLINLiving  13 Faye HAMLIN
Martin HANSON 2017-05-07  15  Virginia Ann HANSONVirginia Ann's Obituary
Jonathon HARDINLiving  Mary Lou HARDINMary Lou's Obituary
Michael HARTMAN2016-10-09  20 Marianne HARTMANMarianne's Obituary
John HEIGES2022-08-06  17 Shirley HEIGESShirley's Obituary
John HENDRY2018-07-31  12 Lula Ann HENDRYLula Ann's Obituary
Wayne HILDEBRANDLiving  18 Claire HILDEBRANDClaire's Obituary
James HOLDSLiving  15 Alice HOLDSAlice's Obituary
Donald HOLMESLiving  15  Beth HOLMESBeth's Obituary
Ben HOLT2018-01-23  18 Gail HOLTGail's Obituary
Edward HOYNES2015-01-15  18 Nancy HOYNESNancy's Obituary
Harvey HUETTER2014-12-04  Judith HUETTERJudith's Obituary
David HUMPHREY2016-01-12  Alice HUMPHREYAlice's Obituary
Robert HURD2018-10-23  Pauline HURDPauline's Obituary
Richard JOHNSONLiving  Sarah JOHNSONSarah's Obituary
Donald KATZ2015-05-19  19 Joyce KATZJoyce's Obituary
Paul KEEFE2011-10-27  Laura Fay KEEFELaura Fay's Obituary
Thomas KENNEDY2006-04-16  Geraldine Ann KENNEDY
Denis KIELY2020-10-29  17 Judith Ann KIELYJudith Ann's Obituary
Ingolf KILANDLiving  Anne KILANDAnne's Obituary
John KILDAYLiving  18 Karen KILDAYKaren's Obituary
John KING2020-08-26  16 Mary Harris KING
Donald KLEINLiving  16 Donna KLEINDonna's Obituary
Theodore KRUMM2016-12-03  23 Patricia KRUMMPatricia's Obituary
Victor KRUZICLiving  15 Pamela KRUZIC
John LAFERTY2009-08-17  Jean LAFERTYJean's Obituary
John LAMBERSONLiving  23 Lucille LAMBERSONLucille's Obituary
Robert LARSON2022-03-28  Virginia LARSON
Ray LaVAN 2020-05-12  11  Penelope LaVANPenelope's Obituary
Robert LAZARCHICK2022-01-25  21 Nancy LAZARCHICKNancy's Obituary
James LOWE2022-04-18  14 Judith LOWE
Thomas LUKISHLiving  Dolores LUKISHDolores's Obituary
Robert MANLYLiving  18 Felicia MANLYFelicia's Obituary
Michael MAYNARDLiving  Jan MAYNARDJan's Obituary
Albert MAYS2003-07-12  19 Eilean MAYSEilean's Obituary
William McAREELiving  23 Rose McAREERose's Obituary
Peter McCALL2021-04-22  11 Eugenia McCALLEugenia's Obituary
Steven McGANKA2010-04-26  15 Joyce McGANKAJoyce's Obituary
Fred McINTYRE2015-04-06  Dawn McINTYREDawn's Obituary
James McPHILLIPS2020-07-23  12 Joan McPHILLIPSJoan's Obituary
Robert MICHAELLiving  Judy MICHAELJudy's Obituary
Charles MILLER2016-05-29  19 LuAnn MILLERLuAnn's Obituary
Delmont MONARCHLiving  JoNell MONARCHJoNell's Obituary
Glenn MORRISON1966-10-26  21 Carolyn MORRISONCarolyn's Obituary
James MURPHY2022-10-23  Barbara Ann MURPHYBarbara Ann's Obituary
Robert NASHLiving  20 Rosemary NASH
Jacques NAVIAUX2017-03-26  13 Astrid NAVIAUXAstrid's Obituary
Patrick NELISLiving  13 Sidney NELISSidney's Obituary
Van NIELDLiving  Marilyn NIELDMarilyn's Obituary
Bruce NORDWALL2021-06-30  Joceile NORDWALLJoceile's Obituary
Edward O'NEILL2022-10-01  18 Marina O'NEILLMarina's Obituary
Robert OAKESLiving  21 Catherine OAKESCatherine's Obituary
Frederick OLDSLiving  Linda OLDSLinda's Obituary
Telmo ORTEGALiving  11 Nella ORTEGANella's Obituary
Charles OSBORNE 2008-04-29  9  Lelia Winstead OSBORNELelia Winstead's Obituary
David OSBURN2010-05-11  10 Linda OSBURNLinda's Obituary
Walter OWEN2020-02-03  24 Carol OWEN
Richard OWENS2012-06-24  99 Frances OWENS
Leonard PARKSLiving  99 Nancy PARKSNancy's Obituary
John PECHAUER2016-02-02  Janice PECHAUERJanice's Obituary
Adolph PETERS2022-04-18  Susanne PETERSSusanne's Obituary
Donald PETERS2022-02-15  19 Catherine PETERS
Frank PIPKINLiving  11 Joan PIPKINJoan's Obituary
Lawrence PIZINGER2021-10-09  Sue PIZINGER
Donald REED2022-10-11  22 Patricia REEDPatricia's Obituary
E. Grant REES2021-01-24  19 Shirley REESShirley's Obituary
Daniel RICHARDSONLiving  Leslie RICHARDSONLeslie's Obituary
Matt ROBERTS2012-06-13  Mary Ann ROBERTSMary Ann's Obituary
Hans ROENSCHLiving  Mary Lee ROENSCHMary Lee's Obituary
Frank ROESCHER 2020-03-13  4  Sara ROESCHERSara's Obituary
Frank ROESCHER2020-03-13  Charlotte ROESCHERCharlotte's Obituary
John ROURKE1981-09-11  Madeline ROURKEMadeline's Obituary
Bruce SCHICK2015-05-03  24 Patricia SCHICKPatricia's Obituary
Patrick SCHNAUFFERLiving  18 Joni SCHNAUFFERJoni's Obituary
Elmer SCHONEMAN1987-01-01  12 Paula SCHONEMAN
John SCHULTZLiving  21 Jane SCHULTZJane's Obituary
David SEARS2019-05-07  24 Catherine SEARSCatherine's Obituary
Lester SELLERSLiving  20 Rosemary SELLERSRosemary's Obituary
Hugh SNIVELYLiving  Alicelee SNIVELYAlicelee's Obituary
James SQUIRES2022-12-09  Jessica SQUIRESJessica's Obituary
David STITZEL1999-01-30  Wilma STITZELWilma's Obituary
George STROHSAHL 2011-05-22  24  Marvalyn STROHSAHLMarvalyn's Obituary
George STROHSAHL2011-05-22  24 Mary Anne Vernallis-Stroshsahl STROHSAHLMary Anne Vernallis-Stroshsahl's Obituary
David SUTHERLANDLiving  11 Betty SUTHERLANDBetty's Obituary
Felix TEMPLETON2003-03-05  Nora TEMPLETONNora's Obituary
Paul THORNTON1968-12-23  18 Dale Potter THORNTONDale Potter's Obituary
Jack UDEBROCKLiving  14 Sharon UDEBROCKSharon's Obituary
Robert VARILEK2021-03-13  99 Barbara VARILEKBarbara's Obituary
Larry VOGTLiving  Marion VOGTMarion's Obituary
Louis WARDLOWLiving  24 Judy WARDLOWJudy's Obituary
Larry WEAVERLiving  24  Ely WEAVEREly's Obituary
Raymond WELLBORN2018-10-23  11 Gladys WELLBORN
Richard WESTFAHL2016-03-06  10 Jacqueline WESTFAHLJacqueline's Obituary
Joseph WHINERY2018-07-22  16 Barbara WHINERY
James WILSONLiving  21 Barbara WILSON
William YAWORSKY2011-03-07  15 Patricia YAWORSKY
Thomas ZACHARIAS 2019-04-09  19  Janet ZACHARIASJanet's Obituary
Known Spouses Deceased with or without Obits: 145
Total '59 database entries: 1145    Shows 1st spouse deceased
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Please email the current Data Administrator, Pete Stout, if you have obituaries on any of the '59 spouses listed. Or if you know of deceased Spouses NOT listed, please let us know. We would most appreicate having our information as accurate as possible.