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The Class of 1959 website --established in 1997 by David Sullivan -- was one of the very first the Naval Academy published.  Starting in 2015, the website was redone with continual plans to assure a fully functional, dynamic site in 2018.  As of November 10, 2018, Class of '59 database statistics are in this pop-up.  And, as of 12/13/2018, the updates and additions to this site are listed in this pop-up most recent listed first.  Note: Titles and text written in blue like this are links to a specific topic.

Additions or Updates 12/10/2018:

Burial Service (Arlington Cemetery) - Ben F. HOLT  Date-2/8/2019

The 59th Reunion (2018) for the Class of 1959 is over.
By all accounts, it was a major success.

October 31, 2018 Reunion Summary Counts Registered cf Attended
October 24, 2018 Reunion Registered Classmates | Widows Listed
October 24, 2018 Reunion Attended Classmates | Widows Listed
October 22, 2018, Reunion Attendees from 34 states & District of Columbia (popup)

Minimal Information on this site...for now

This interim site will be operational until the new Class of 1959 website is tested, reviewed and then approved by the Class Executive Committee. The new site will be database driven, making it over time far less time consuming to maintain.  Until the new comprehensive website is established, information maintained in the Transition interim site will include the following:

USNA 1959 Home Page
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  • Class Directory
    • living classmates and widows with emails
  • Class Executive Committee & Class Company Reps
  • 55th Reunion Attendees with home city and state
    • by Last Name, Company, Registration type
  • '59 Memorials
    • by Last Name, Company, Deceased Date
    • Graduates sort by Company only
  • 55th and 59th Reunion Committee --Thank you!
  • Lost Graduates and lost Non-Grads - HELP locate!
  • Simple Site Map
  • Social Event (80th Birthday Bash)
PLEASE submit ANY and ALL Updates for classmates' contact information, living or deceased status, to the '59 Class Data Administrator to Updates

Current Overall '59 Data Base Count
Total: 1145 || Assumed Living: 794 || Known Deceased: 351 || Active Duty Deaths: 38
Total Graduate Entries: 796 || Grads Assumed Living: 511 || Grads Known Deceased: 285
Key Demographic Data

Please email the Data Administrator, Pete Stout, if you have any questions, concerns, data presentation ideas, concerns or, most important, classmate updates.